About Us

MOVO d.o.o. is a company focused primarily on automotive industry and transport. We are highly specialised in sales and post-sales of military, police and commercial vehicles and in the supply of components and equipment. Our representation of IVECO Defence Vehicles for sale and maintenance in Slovenia is the recognition of our dedication and long-term experience in this field.

We can supply a wide range of vehicles from the IVECO Defence Vehicles programme, such as logistic, multirole and armoured vehicles. We also sell off-road vehicles, vehicles for special purposes, protected vehicles and vehicles equipped with superstructures for protection and rescue needs. MOVO d.o.o also works closely with other vehicle and equipment manufacturers for specific defence, protection and rescue requirements.

Since our ultimate aim is to deliver high performance and ensure the best possible service for our customers, we aspire to expand the circle of our services and are thus open to fresh ideas and new business opportunities.

We arrange maintenance, repairs and supply of spare parts for all our products, and always try to do our best to satisfy the needs of our customers.