Our most important partner in the area of vehicles for defence and protection purposes is IVECO Defence Vehicles. IVECO DV specializes in military logistics, protected and armoured vehicles, and can supply the entire spectrum of IVECO commercial vehicles adapted to meet the most exacting of operational demands. MOVO d.o.o also works closely with other vehicle and equipment manufacturers for other specific defence, protection and rescue requirements.

IVECO Defence Vehicles

Through IVECO DV we can offer a complete range of vehicles in order to cover the full spectrum of operational roles demanded by the military/police user. The main categories of IVECO Defence Vehicles are:


LMV vehicles were developed as a response to increasing threats faced by military personnel and include vehicles for transportation of people with 4×4 drive, intended for various operational roles. They combine exceptional mobility, adaptability, excellent off-road performance and high-level ballistic and anti-mine protection.
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There are two models of MPV available: 4×4 and 6×6. The MPV range is based on a Trakker MOTS truck chassis with a protected crew cell made out of ballistic steel (intended for the crew). The cell is composed of connected driver’s cabin and stowage. The standard 4×4 version offers more than 13m3 of space, expendable to 16 m3 for ambulance care.
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To meet the growing needs of customers, IVECO developed two additional categories of defence vehicles, especially designed for amphibious operations: VBTP 6×6 and 8×8 SUPERAV. In consortium with Oto Melara (CIO) IVECO also produces 8×8 Centauro, which allows installation of defence systems ranging from 7.62mm to 120mm.
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IVECO DV has also access to the entire spectrum of IVECO vehicles; from vans and light truck vehicles, to heavier trucks with carrying capacity of 75t and more. Vehicles of 4×2, 4×4, 6×4, 6×6, 8×4, and 8×8 drive are available and they perform logistic tasks of various armies from last musters to combat lines. IVECO has developed a high quality protected cabin, which can be installed on Trakker’s chassis and is used under the most difficult circumstances. A result is a robust vehicle with high mobility that can be deployed in zones of high risk.
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IVECO DV also offers an entire palette of strong and exceptionally capable vehicles of 4×4, 6×6 in 8×8 drive, which have already proven to perform exceptionally in battle conditions. They are also designed and manufactured purposefully for military logistic needs and can therefore ensure tactical support to any kind of military operation in the most hazardous environments. The entire spectrum of vehicles can also be equipped with a new generation of ad-on ballistic and anti-mine sets.
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At MOVO d.o.o. we also cooperate with other manufacturers of military, protection and rescue vehicles and equipment. This enables us to offer the following:

Protected vehicles for transport of people.
Protected vehicles for transport of money.
Terrain vehicles to meet the challenges of the most demanding of terrain scenarios.
Vehicles for special purposes.
Vehicles equipped with special superstructures for protection and rescue needs.